Write for Us

Since I started my website it’s become my window on the world and I’ve really enjoyed creating. I spend my time either working on music projects or working on my website.

I’m hoping to expand the ‘Plant Drum’ part on my website and to share a few ideas on how to get off to the right start as a drummer.

That’s where I’d love to help …

It would be great to get a few people to write their own guest posts. If you’re a beginner drummer and would like to express your thoughts on a few tricks and tricks that have helped you along the way lets hear from you ! ….

Just send me an email on what you think would be a good idea for a post or I can suggest a few ideas for you. There are tons of topics I’d like to cover.

If it gets published on my site, I’ll make sure the article has the author’s bio with links to your website and social profiles.

Get in touch here, I’d love to hear from you ! Contact Me