What Snare Drum Do I Choose?

I’ve put together a choice of Snare Drums available from online stores on the internet. There is a huge range to choose from. Including Sonor, Gretsch, Pearl, Mapex, Ludwig and DW. I believe these to be some of the most respected drum manufacturers in the World. You don’t have to pay a fortune for a great sounding snare drum. The first thing you have to do is think what sound you are looking for and what ‘Shell’ you will need. Ask yourself “Where you’ll be playing the drum most”, in a recording studio or live on stage.

Also check out the videos below to hear what the different materials sound like. Is it a Metal or Wood shell sound you’re looking for ? There’s an interesting Video on how they make Metal Shell Snare Drums as well.

Last thing. A good snare drum will last you a life time. I’ve got a ‘Ludwig Black Beauty’ that’s 35 years old that I’ve played on records that have sold millions. My metal Sonor snare drum has done 1000’s of live shows. The both sound as good as they did when I bought them. Love your snare drum and it will love you back.

I hope you enjoy this page and can see the huge amount of Snare Drums available and learn a little about how they are made.

Ludwig Snare Drums From Gear4Music

Mapex Snare Drums From Gear4Music

Pearl Snare Drums From Gear4Music

Tama Snare Drums From Gear4Music

Yamaha Snare Drums From Gear4Music

DW Snare Drums From Amazon

Ludwig Snare Drums From Amazon

Mapex Snare Drums From Amazon

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Mapex Snare Drums From Amazon

Sonor Snare Drums From Amazon

Used Snare Drums From eBay

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