Electronic Drum Kits

I’m not gonna bore you with the History of Electronic Drums Kits or how they are made, it’s a lot more fun to play them. I will say that there are plenty of advantages to Electronic Drums Kits over Acoustic Kits. So … Here’s just a few reasons to choose an Electronic Drum Kit or eDrums as they’re sometimes called.

Advantages of Electronic Drum Kits

  • You can use headphones to practice in private.
  • They are usually easier and lighter to move around than acoustic kits.
  • One E-Drum kit can contain 100’s of drum sounds.
  • You can switch sounds instantly. From a Funky drum kit sound to a Rock drum kit sound for example.
  • Electronic Drums don’t need microphones in the studio or live concerts.
  • Many have built in ‘Learn’ functions for teaching beginners.

There are many manufactures of E-Drums now. Top brands include Roland, Yamaha, Alesis to name just a few.

I’ve put together a collection of current Electronic Drums below. All different prices to suit all different budgets. You can also check my Best Electronic Drums for Beginners Page.

The 1st Electronic Drum was created in the early 1970’s BTW.

A Collection of Electronic Drum Kits

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