About Me and this Drumming Blog.

Welcome to my drumming blog. Do you want to start playing drums ?

My name is Mal Holmes and I’ve been a Professional Drummer for 40 years. In that time I played on records that have been hits all over the world, played live gigs at 1000’s of venues & TV shows and worked in the worlds best recording s


tudios with top record producers and engineers. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching drums to all ages in schools and in private lessons so I thought I would put a drumming blog together. Check my biography to find out more.

One of the things I learnt in my career was that you don’t have to the best drummer in the world to make great records and play to huge crowds. You do need to confident in your drumming ability and willing to listen, learn and watch.

Simply practice harder and you can do this too. Go for real success as a Pro drummer and achieve your dream as a drummer. If you choose the right drum kit and a few lessons to start, you’ll be up and running straight away.

Basic Blocks for Drumming

It doesn’t take long to pick up the basic blocks for drumming, so once you have them you can go in any direction you want. Follow the path of being ‘Self Taught’ like I did or dive straight into drum lessons.

Drumming offers many physical and mental benefits and can be enjoyed at any age. If you can hold a pair of drum sticks there is nothing to stop you on your journey. My Drumming Blog gives you choices and advice on drum kits for under 5 year olds, starter drum kits for adults electronic (E-Drums)&  acoustic kits for beginners and professionals. I’ve put together a vast choice now of drums, snare drumscymbals, stands, accessories and great gifts for drummers including drummers beers glasses and some cool t-shirts.

This Drumming Blog started with one page not so long ago and is quickly growing.

Because I wanted my Blog help you make your first steps playing drums the right ones and not make the mistakes I made when I first started out. So if you want to avoid some of the mistakes I made then I’m here to help !

Here’s a video of me on BBC’s ‘Later With Jools’ show with OMD. This was the last TV show I did with OMD.



Watch the Video for more information !