Online Remixing and Production

Online Remixing & Production

I’m here to offer you a bespoke one on one online remixing service.  My aim is to produce a unique mix which brings out the character of your music, whilst understanding your vision and staying within your brief. We’ll be in touch every step of the way.

Your mix will sound clean and well balanced. I’ll deliver the project with appropriate headroom for mastering. You’ll also get a TV version/instrumental and an accapella version, if you want, at no extra cost. It usually takes about a maximum of 3 weeks to complete the project, however each project is different. We’ll discuss the timeline when you begin your project.

You’ll keep all of your writing copyright’s, and you will own 100% of the new master recording so you can collect all your sales, streaming and publishing income.

I’ll also provide you with a FREE 30 second demo before you make any payments.

Why Remix ?

Remixing is a creative process of making a new version of your song to sound different. Remixing allows both the creative freedom to change the format/arrangement, and the overall sound to reach a wider audience for your song. Our remix project will focus on radio or club plays.

I mix and produce from my own studio near Hamburg in Germany and specialise in experimental, electronic and pop music. My aim is to produce music that makes for the unique and exciting listening experience. Tracks I have written, produced or mixed have been played on national TV and radio in the UK.

Lets Get Started ! …. you can an email at or use my Contact Page.

All I’ll need is …

1. A link to your original song.
2. Reference(s) to your favorite remixes.

I’ll then listen to it, give you feedback and tell you how we can make it better.

I want us to both have a product we can be proud of.